Card-Carrying Comedian

Card-Carrying Comedian

English Stand-up Comedy One Man Show


Čtvrtek 7.12.2017 20:00 - 23:00Klubovna
Vstupné: 220 Kč / Snížené: 0 Kč

Volno: 55/60

Vienna-based American comedian, Reginald Bärris Comedy is bringing his one-man show to Brno!

The show is a unique mixture of stand-up comedy and serious music that will take you on an exciting rollercoaster of emotions! From stand-up comedy that will leave you doubled over in laughter to moving music that will make you think, "Card-Carrying Comedian" is sure to leave a lasting impression!

An international comedian who has performed in several countries across Europe, Bärris is a staple of the Vienna comedy scene, and is also the first of his contemporaries to become a legally recognized stand-up comedian. But before becoming a full-time comedian, Bärris studied classical guitar and composition in university and has developed innovative techniques on the acoustic guitar and has composed several hundred songs. His repretoire spans several musical genres, including percussive guitar, rap, and a wealth of singer-songwriter material.

Card-Carrying Comedian's 2-act structure begins with an hour of straight stand-up comedy that is equal parts personal, cynical, and irreverant. In the second act, Bärris re-examines many of the topics from his comedy and uses his music to delve deeper to the truth behind the laughter. The result is an unique juxtoposition that oscilates between hilarious and heartfelt unlike anything else you've seen before!

Doors Open: 20:00
Show Starts: 20:30
Entry Fee: 220 czk

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